Sunday, 6 February 2011

Friday, 28 January 2011

The Remix... so far

 The Remix - South Africa
 The Remix - UK
 The Remix - Australia
The Remix - Japan

The Fame Monster era... so far

 The Fame Monster - US 8 Track
 The Fame Monster Australian
 The Fame Monster - Phillipines Digipack
 The Fame Monster - Limited Edition USB
Bad Romance - UK Single
 Telephone - UK Single

 Alejandro - US Remixes
 Alejandro - UK Single
The Fame Monster - 12" Picture Disc vinyl

The Fame era... so far

 The Fame - UK
 The Fame - US
The Fame - US Vinyl

 The Fame - Australia
 Just Dance - US Remixes
 Poker Face - UK Single
 LoveGame - UK Single
 Paparazzi Remixes - US
 Paparazzi - UK Single
 Paparazzi - Italian 12" Vinyl
Cherrytree Sessions - US Re-issue


Welcome to my Gaga collection!

I will be updating it hopefully as soon as I get new items, but for now, I hope you enjoy :)